Superhot Developer Wants a Nintendo Switch Port

While most first-person action games these days follow a particular mantra, Superhot does not. [...]


While most first-person action games these days follow a particular mantra, Superhot does not. This unique indie game relies on you to make sharp decisions as you play with the physics of time while dealing with a number of enemies attempting to kill you.

The game's inventiveness works in its favor, as Superhot has been a big hit on a number of platforms. But now the developer wants to bring it to one of the hottest around -- the Nintendo Switch.

While speaking with Destructoid, Superhot director Piotr Iwanicki expressed interest in porting the game to Nintendo's system, saying it "should happen." That's not entirely a confirmation that we'll see it on the platform, but it sounds like he's devoted to it.

"There are plans. It should be there," he said. "There's a conflict with me because I'm the guy who will just say everything up front but the plans are there and we've done some preliminary work on it. It still has no date or anything. But I think it should happen. The Switch is a cool platform and it's an innovative platform. [Nintendo] rediscovered something that was already there. Nintendo is good with their stuff. Superhot would fit there well."

The Nintendo Switch has become an ideal platform for hit indie games, so a port certainly wouldn't be out of the question. And it's got the control setups to really make the game work in its favor, even if some people may need to get used to its trial-and-error ways. Hey, that's Superhot for you.

In the meantime, Team Superhot is already busy as it is. It recently teamed up with Japanese developer GameTomo to release another chapter in the Superhot series, one that will focus on new level design as well as special weapons inspired by Japanese development, including swords and the like. There's no word on a release as the game just started development, but it should be Super. Hot.

The game is definitely worth checking out; so if you can't wait for the Nintendo Switch port, you don't have to. It's available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.