New Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Origins and Champions Announced

Riot Games shared more details on its plans for the next Teamfight Tactics set this week by revealing some of the new champions and origins players will find in the Galaxies set. As the name suggests, Galaxies will feature champions and origins from different space-faring lines of skins including the Star Guardians and other, and we now know what some of them will be able to do. Riot also provided players with some example compositions to give ideas of how players can put together their teams whenever the Galaxies set is eventually released, though players will inevitably create their own master compositions when it comes to the PBE first.

Several different champion origins have been detailed so far with Star Guardians, Cybernetic, Mech-Pilot, and Demolitionist being the main ones of interest. The traits each of them utilizes are outlined below.

Galaxies Origins

  • Star Guardians: Whenever a Star Guardian casts their spell, distribute (3) 20 mana (6) 30 mana among all the other Star Guardians
  • Cybernetic: Cybernetic champions with an item equipped gain (3) 300 health & 30 attack damage (6) 800 health & 80 attack damage
  • Mech-Pilot: (3) At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies.
  • Demolitionist: (2) Demolitionist’s spells stun for 2.5 seconds

Along with those origins, several other notable origins and classes were seen in the rundown. Those include things like Rebel, Chrono, Valkyrie, and Infiltrator, though we don’t yet know what all of those do yet. Sorcerer and Blademaster are also returning, though their effects are similar to the ones we’ve seen before albeit with some adjustments to the values.


You’ll see those origins and classes appear in the full list of confirmed champions so far which can be found below and is organized by their tier.

Galaxies Champions

  • Poppy - Tier 1 (Star Guardian/Vanguard)
  • Zoe - Tier 1 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer)
  • Leona - Tier 1 (Cybernetic/Vanguard)
  • Fiora - Tier 1 (Cybernetic/Blademaster)
  • Xayah - Tier 1 (Celestial/Blademaster)
  • Ziggs - Tier 1 (Rebel/Demolitionist)
  • Annie - Tier 2 (Mech Pilot/Sorcerer)
  • Ahri - Tier 2 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer)
  • Shen - Tier 2 (Chrono/Blademaster)
  • Yasuo - Tier 2 (Rebel/Blademaster)
  • Neeko - Tier 3 (Star Guardian/Protector)
  • Syndra - Tier 3 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer)
  • Rumble - Tier 3 (Mech Pilot/Demolitionist)
  • Soraka - Tier 4 (Star Guardian/Mystic)
  • Irelia - Tier 4 (Cybernetic/Mana-Reaver/Blademaster)
  • Kayle - Tier 4 (Valkyrie/Blademaster)
  • Fizz - Tier 4 (Mech Pilot/Infiltrator)

Riot said it’d reveal the rest of the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies champions during the first week of March.

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