Teamfight Tactics Player Creates Impressive Map Skin Ideas

A Teamfight Tactics player who’s been creating some concepts for different arena skins has now shared them all in one easily viewable gallery to explore some routes Riot Games may one day take with the new game mode. The concept artist and illustrator who goes by Nebura specializes in League of Legends fanart, and with the release of Teamfight Tactics, they’ve taken on creations for that mode as well in the form of map skins themed after Bilgewater, beehive cosmetics, and several other parts of League both old and new.

Those who are familiar with Nebura’s work on Twitter may have seen some of these before, but the latest post from the artist’s Instagram account puts them all on one place. Five different images in the gallery below include three different map concepts each for a total of 15 ideas for alternate Teamfight Tactics maps. The ideas encompass everything from regions and individual champions to game modes and collections of skins like the Coven cosmetics or the newer Demacia Vice skins.

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TFT map concepts that I've drawn in the past weeks. #tft #teamfighttactics #leagueoflegends #lol #artoflegends #skinconcept

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Considering how Teamfight Tactics allows players to change what their map looks like, there’s a chance we may see some of these ideas manifest themselves in the game mode in some shape or form. While they probably won’t look exactly like these, one of the 15 ideas presented here by Nebura may already be in the works at Riot Games for upcoming skin ideas.

Until the next plans for more map skins are revealed, whatever those may be, players only have a few different options at their disposal to change up the map’s appearance. The Runic Arena, Arrowhead Arena, and Rift Arena are all available as part of the Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass that’s going to be live for at least another week depending on which region you’re in. The first of those two are available at the second tier of the pass, so Teamfight Tactics players who have been playing since launch almost certainly already have those by now. Tier 7 in the pass holds the final Teamfight Tactics skin, though that one has probably already been picked up by many players as well.

Teamfight Tactics just recently added a ranked mode along with Twisted Fate as the first post-launch champion. The Locket of the Iron Solari item was also nerfed recently.