The Crew 3 Rumor May Reveal New Location and Title

The Crew 3 may not actually feature The Crew branding and instead take on a new name and introduce a new location to the series. Ubisoft's The Crew franchise is a very interesting racing series that didn't take off in the way that other big racing games have. In a time where Forza Horizon largely dominates the racing genre, The Crew was an interesting idea, but has yet to really feel like a direct competitor to the Xbox racing series. The series allows you to explore the entire United States via fast cars and the sequel introduced things like boats and planes to really spice it up. Although Ubisoft hasn't officially announced a third game, it has been rumored that will come in the future.

Courtesy of Tom Henderson and Nick Baker at Insider Gaming, a new rumor suggests The Crew 3 could take the series to Hawaii via the island of Oahu. According to images seen by Insider Gaming, The Crew 3 may be rebranded to Motorfest and ditch The Crew branding. It's not completely clear if that's the case, as it was speculated this could be a big feature in the game and isn't actually the name of the game, though there's no way to tell at the moment. As of right now, it's also unknown when Ubisoft is planning to reveal the new racing game and when it may release. 

The fact that The Crew 3 may be set in Hawaii certainly paints a different picture for the threequel and could explain why it's possibly taking on a different identity. The Crew franchise is known more for the scale of its maps and the ability to drive coast to coast and see major US cities. If the game is set on a Hawaiian island, it may mean that the game is scaling itself down and being more focused on a detailed map than one big one with key landmarks.

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