The Day Before Slammed for 'Boring' Gameplay Reveal

The Day Before just had its long-awaited gameplay reveal and it doesn't seem like it was received very well. The Day Before is a new MMO set in the apocalypse. It's a bit like if The Division and The Last of Us crossed over together to create a zombie-ridden apocalypse where players are just as deadly as the undead. The initial trailers looked very exciting and seemed to promise a very rich gameplay experience in a dense world, but many were skeptical of the authenticity of this footage. It was heavily scripted and the studio has never ever made something remotely close to this scale. In addition to that, there have been some strange last-minute delays for the game's release which have been triggering alarms in the minds of players.

However, developer Fntastic wanted to set the record straight with a new gameplay demo. It's 10 minutes of raw gameplay, no scripted conversations or moments, just someone playing the game. Unfortunately, although the game does appear to be legitimate, it's certainly not nearly as exciting as those scripted trailers. In fact, many were surprised by how boring The Day Before looks. Potential fans took to Twitter to rant about how bland it looks and the YouTube live chat for the premiere of the gameplay relentlessly mocked the footage. It was largely just two players wandering empty, grey streets and occasionally looting some supplies. The few zombies they encountered weren't really a problem either, as they would immediately gun them down without even a care for their ammo. It certainly removed a lot of the tension that comes with a zombie survival game.

The Day Before was recently delayed from March to November and although a legal dispute over the name was cited as the reason initially, the team noted that it planned to delay the game before that. With that said, maybe the game will look a bit more exciting closer to release. However, it seems as time goes on, more and more people lose interest in the title and are even deeming it a scam.

The Day Before will release on November 10th, 2023. Are you still excited for the game? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.