The King Of Fighters XIV Making Its Way To Steam, Beta Coming Soon

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For the past few months, fighting fans have been thoroughly enjoying The King of Fighters XIV on the PlayStation 4, with its vast selection of characters and superb gameplay. But now it’s time for a new audience to give the game a go.

SNK Global has announced that the game will be making its way to Steam, with more than likely all its original content, including the announced DLC, intact. The company noted on Twitter that the game, officially titled The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition, will be going into a closed beta sometime later this month, and that a “pre-purchase” program will be available soon.

The company hasn’t detailed just when the game will come out just yet, or how much it will sell for (possibly $59.99, like its console counterpart), but we’ll likely get details on that later this month when the beta kicks off.

SNK has been pushing The King of Fighters XIV quite aggressively since its official announcement back in 2015 – and rightfully so. The game’s release last year came along at just the right time, when a number of fans were feeling burnt out over the structure of Capcom’s Street Fighter V release, which came out in chunks with bits and pieces of content, instead of as a complete game. With help from Atlus, King of Fighters XIV was able to maintain a strong following with both casual fans and hardcore fighting fanatics, and has also found its place in a number of tournaments. SNK continued to bolster the roster with additional DLC characters, including Rock Howard, son of Geese Howard, amongst various others.

There’s no doubt the game will find instant success on the Steam front, and the closed beta will help SNK test out its servers before it arrives. Now, when that will be is still up in the air, but more than likely, we’ll see it later this summer, possibly to coincide with the one year release of the PlayStation 4 version. Hopefully we’ll get some new announcements for extra cast members in the game at that time as well. Let’s get to fighting!

The King of Fighters XIV is available now for PlayStation 4.