The Last of Us Director Teases Fans Following HBO Show Reveal

The director of The Last of Us has teased eager fans just a bit more following the first reveal of footage from the upcoming HBO TV series. To kick off this week, HBO finally gave us a brief tease of what can be expected from The Last of Us when it premieres next year. And while this footage on its own did enough to excite a number of fans, the game's director says that it's merely the tip of the iceberg. 

Following this first reveal from HBO's The Last of Us, director Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to comment on the footage that was shown off. Druckmann didn't say much about the teaser itself, but he did tell fans that what was shown in the trailer was merely that: just a tease. "You ain't seen nothing yet," Druckmann said simply. 

Druckmann's own comments on the Last of Us TV show were supported by fellow writer and producer Craig Mazin. Also taking to Twitter, Mazin expressed that he's eager to reveal more of what has been done to bring the game to television. "I can't wait to show you all what we've brought to life," Mazin said.

Based on what we currently know about The Last of Us, the show is expected to adapt the same story seen in 2013's The Last of Us game. However, both Drcukmann and Mazin have confirmed in the past that the HBO series will broaden the scope of this narrative just a bit. This means that new characters, new plot beats, and other secretive additions will be appearing in the show. While the throughline story will likely be the same as the game, there should be surprises in store that even those familiar with the source material won't expect. 

At this point in time, The Last of Us still doesn't have a premiere date on HBO, but we do know that it will be arriving at some point in the early portion of 2023. In the interim, PlayStation is soon gearing up to re-release the original game in the form of a PS5 remake called The Last of Us Part 1. This new version of the game is set to arrive on PS5 next week on September 2nd.