Fan Cobbles Together The Last Of Us Custom Joel Figure Masterpiece

While we all anxiously await the arrival of The Last of Us Part II, an Instagram user that goes by the name of chubbyman has channeled his frustration over the delay into a magnificent custom Joel figure. That's certainly a more productive solution than yelling at the developers at Naughty Dog - as is creating a mashup trailer for the film Logan with footage from The Last of Us.

On that note, Joel isn't the only custom figure in chubbyman's collection. Here's his version of alternative Joel sporting a thicker beard and, strangely, adamantium claws.

Sticking within the Naughty Dog universe, how about a custom figure of Nathan Drake from Uncharted?

I am a man of fortune, And must seek my fortune

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According to GameRant, these sixth-scale figures are actually the work of numerous artists who collaborate by molding and painting the various pieces to create a singular masterwork. It seems as though chubbyman scours the internet looking for the right pieces to complete his vision. The results, I have to say, would stack up against just about anything Hot Toys has produced.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy arrives exclusively on PS4 on August 22. The Last of Us Part II doesn't have a release date just yet, but rest assured - Naughty Dog is working hard to get the details just right.