The Last of Us Part 2 Releases Stunning New Screenshots to Ease the Pain of Another Delay

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released a new batch of screenshots for The Last of Us Part 2 following today's announcement that game has once again been delayed. Given that the sequel is one of the most anticipated games of the entire generation, fans are unsurprisingly not taking the news well. That said, if you're one of these people currently sobbing uncontrollably, then these new screenshots are for you.

Not only does the new batch of screenshots -- captured directly from a PlayStation 4 Pro -- look stunning, but they show off further detailed looks at the game's varied environments, characters, and more. And of course, included within these new screens are new looks at Joel and Ellie, who look incredibly realistic thanks to the studio's advanced motion capture work.

Below, you can check out the new screenshots, courtesy of PSNTrofeus, who has gathered them all in one place:

The Last of Us Part 2 was originally poised to release on May 29, but as of today, it's been delayed "until further notice." For more coverage on the upcoming PS4 game, click here.


"Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming," reads an official story pitch of the game. "Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors. When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions."