The Last of Us Art Imagines Pedro Pascal as Joel

Ever since Pedro Pascal was announced to be playing Joel in HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us TV [...]

Ever since Pedro Pascal was announced to be playing Joel in HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series, fans have been wondering what he will end up looking like in the role. Luckily, thanks to some incredible fan art that has since come about, we now have a great idea of what Pascal could look like in the show.

Shared to Reddit, artist Andrea White shared her own take on Pascal as Joel in a stunning picture. The art seems to been actually painted on a canvas, which is quite different from many sketches that take place in Photoshop nowadays. White says that she simply started off with this art just trying to imagine what Pascal would look like as Joel and it quickly turned into this portrait.

Thought it might be an interesting experiment to try and envision Pedro Pascal as Joel, so this happened from r/thelastofus

While White has come about with a stunning piece of her own, though, she's not the only one that has been trying to put Pascal in the shoes of Joel. Fellow artist Alice Zhang shared her own work on Twitter which features not only Pascal as Joel but also shows off Bella Ramsey as Ellie. This art itself is actually based on the box art for The Last of Us Remastered, which is the PS4 re-release of the game that came out back in 2014.

Both pieces didn't just capture the eyes of many adoring fans, but Naughty Dog writer and director Neil Druckmann took note as well. Druckmann ended up sharing both pieces on Twitter and praised each greatly. Pascal himself, in turn, then seemed to see the art as well. Soon after Druckmann shared the art, Pascal retweeted each image to his own page. While it's surely exciting to have your art praised in any capacity, I have to imagine that both White and Zhang were thrilled in particular to have Druckmann and Pascal sharing their work.

As for when we might formally see Pascal and Ramsey playing Joel and Ellie respectively, HBO still hasn't given a release date for The Last of Us. That being said, a series has already been ordered and the pilot episode has already scored a director meaning that filming should likely start this year.