The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is Getting an Official Soundtrack Release

Video game soundtracks can be cruelly difficult to obtain, even when it comes to the most popular franchises in gaming. Fortunately, Nippon Columbia is set to release the soundtrack for the recent Nintendo Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in a gorgeous CD collection. As an added bonus, it even includes the tracks from the original Game Boy release of the game, as well! The news should be quite welcome for fans of video game music, as accessibility of video game soundtracks tends to be pretty bad, in general. In theory, having so many options for buying and streaming music online should have made it easier to purchase video game music, but soundtracks still don't seem easy to come by!

The four-disc soundtrack features two CDs per version of Link's Awakening, in two cases. The two jewel cases are adorned with the box art for their respective versions of the game, and the CDs themselves feature that version of the game's overworld. While the Switch version simply features concept art of the overworld, the Game Boy version features the actual, 8-bit overworld from the game! It does not appear that there will be an option to buy the two versions of the soundtrack separately. Fans that might want to purchase one version will have to purchase the other, as well. Both jewel cases do, however, fit inside an included slipcase.

Zelda Soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda series has long been known for its music. Tracks from the series have become so popular that an orchestral concert tour featuring music from the franchise toured worldwide for several years. The Symphony of the Goddess tour concluded more than two years ago, long before the release of the Link's Awakening remake, so it might be past time for a new leg of the tour to begin!


As of this writing, a local release has not been announced for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack, but it can be pre-ordered from a number of different import outlets. As with so many other video game soundtrack releases, supplies are likely to be limited, so interested fans will definitely want to pre-order!

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