The Outer Worlds 2 May Be Releasing Sooner Than Expected

It looks like The Outer Worlds 2, which is the sequel to Obsidian Entertainment's 2019 RPG, may end up releasing sooner than initially expected. Earlier this year, Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian confirmed that The Outer Worlds 2 was in development via an initial teaser trailer for the game. And while this trailer asserted that work on the project was still in the early stages, it looks like Obsidian has actually been developing the game for a bit longer than anticipated. 

Recently, fans noticed that Obsidian director Dan Maas revealed on his official LinkedIn page that The Outer Worlds 2 has seemingly been in development since 2019. Maas didn't offer up many details about the forthcoming sequel, but his profile does indicate that The Outer Worlds 2 has been in some sort of development since September 2019. This means that Obsidian was already cooking up plans for a follow-up entry before the original game even hit store shelves. 

Assuming that all of this information rings true, it tells us that Obsidian has now been working on The Outer Worlds 2 for over two years at this point. And while there is surely still a lot left to be done on the project, considering that Obsidian is likely re-using a number of assets from the original game, The Outer Worlds 2 could actuallly launch at a time that may have been sooner than we first thought. While a launch in 2022 might not be feasible, a release in 2023 now seems more likely than once thought. 

Of course, it's worth noting that whenever The Outer Worlds 2 does release, it should be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC platforms. Although the previous entry also came to PlayStation and Nintendo platforms, The Outer Worlds 2 will be one of the first major titles that Obsidian has released since joining Xbox Game Studios. As such, it'll now be exclusive to the Xbox family of platforms. 

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on The Outer Worlds 2 in the future? And when do you expect that the next installment in the RPG franchise will actually launch? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.