The Witcher 5 and The Witcher 6 Release Windows Detailed

CD Projekt has provided more context about when The Witcher 5 and The Witcher 6 will end up releasing. At this point in time, CD Projekt Red is working on the next mainline installment in the Witcher franchise, which fans are simply referring to as The Witcher 4 for now. And while it's still hard to know when this game will arrive, we do know that it will be followed by two more entries which will make up a new trilogy. Although the entirety of this trilogy might not see the light of day until a decade from now, we do know the plans that CD Projekt now has on paper. 

Detailed alongside a number of new announcements today, CD Projekt revealed that it plans to release The Witcher 4, The Witcher 5, and The Witcher 6 within a six-year span of one another. Although this sounds like a tall task, those in charge of the publisher said that there is a plan within CD Projekt to ensure that this new Witcher trilogy is able to fully release over this number of years. 

To better clarify what this would look like, it means that if The Witcher 4 were to launch in 2025 (which is just a complete guess), then The Witcher 6 would launch no later than 2031. In all likelihood, The Witcher 5 and The Witcher 6 would each be released three years after The Witcher 4 to keep a steady cadence over this period of time. 

CD Projekt has said that the way that it will be able to accomplish this goal is because the latter two installments in the trilogy will be built off of the same framework as The Witcher 4. Once many of the technical aspects of the next game are nailed down, CD Projekt Red will be able to carry many of those same elements to the following two titles. 

Obviously, game development is a very nebulous thing, which means that these plans could easily change as the years pass. Still, it's intriguing to hear that CD Projekt thinks it can commit to this strategy so far ahead of schedule. Only time will tell if it actually plays out in this manner. 


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