Ticket to Ride Board Game Is Becoming a Reality TV Show

The popular board game Ticket to Ride is being developed into a reality TV series. Deadline [...]

The popular board game Ticket to Ride is being developed into a reality TV series. Deadline reports that Asmodee Entertainment, an arm of the board game publisher Asmodee, will be teaming with the production company Propagate to develop a new winner-takes-all TV competition based on the popular track-laying game. The new TV series will pit five teams against each other in a quest to travel the most distance by land, sea, and air, and complete "epic challenges" along the way. No network has been announced for the new series, nor was a timeframe given for the show's release or filming.

In the Ticket to Ride board game, players compete to build their own railroad lines and attempt to connect certain destination points together with their distinctly colored tracks. Players earn points for connecting their destinations as well as having the longest continuous track on the board. The game was first released in 2004 and earned widespread acclaim and awards. Along with Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride is seen as one of the best "gateway games" that introduce more casual players to more complex board game systems beyond the basics like Chutes & Ladders or Clue.

Interestingly, Asmodee Entertainment is a new arm of Asmodee, which is the largest board game publisher in the world. With a catalog of hundreds of games, we could see Asmodee try to branch out to adapt more games into live-action or animated TV shows. Asmodee owns a ton of popular games, ranging from Settlers of Catan to Pandemic and could easily dip into a dozen different TV genres. With the announcement of a Magic: The Gathering TV series on Netflix and now a Ticket to Ride show on the way, could a new age of tabletop game TV adaptations be imminent? We'll have to wait and see.