Twitch Officially Opens Its Own Amazon-Based Store

Let’s say you attended a trade event like PAX West or TwitchCon, and you couldn’t help but [...]

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Let's say you attended a trade event like PAX West or TwitchCon, and you couldn't help but notice how someone was walking around in a Twitch-embroidered hat or hoodie or something along those lines. And you were wondering, "Man, where can I get one of those?" Well, now you know.

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Twitch has officially opened up its own store on Amazon today, where you can buy a number of goods directly from the company and get optional two-day Prime shipping if you're a member.

Most of the prices are pretty reliable, and some of the goods are pretty cool, like a Twitch logo glass (to drink beer or soda or whatever you feel like), as well as hats and other goods. Here's a rundown of everything that the store sells, along with their respective pricing. (Tax and shipping not included.)

  • Unisex Hoodie Black- $45.00
  • Glitch Pillow- $25.00
  • Women's Dress- $15.00
  • Women's T-Shirt Black- $22.00
  • Women's Logo Tee Purple- $22.00
  • Twitch Logo Cap- $18.00
  • Twitch Glass- $12.00
  • Twitch Baseball Cap- $25.00
  • Kid's Logo Tee- $12.00
  • Men's Logo Tee- $22.00
  • Men's Baseball Tee- $25.00
  • Men's Purple Tee- $22.00
  • Men's Black Tee- $22.00
  • Men's Purple Logo Tee- $22.00
  • Twitch Corner Logo Tee- $15.00
  • Twitch Joystick Tee- $28.00
  • Message Deleted Black Tee- $28.00
  • Message Deleted White Tee- $28.00
  • Logo Trucker Hat- $20.00
  • Glitch Pocket Tee- $18.00

There are a number of goods available, and, as previously mentioned, you can get most of this stuff with free two-day shipping if you're a Prime member. You can see more of these items here to get an idea of what their design is like, and then choose what you'd like to add to your collection – or, at the very least, show off the next time you get on a stream.

Maybe you can even clean up and buy a bunch of different Twitch goods so you can have everything you need for your next event as well. (And for that matter, a set of Twitch glasses wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, especially if you're engaging in online drinking games or what have you.)

The store is open for business now, so feel free to shop around!