Pokimane, xQc, Hasan, and Other Top Streamers Respond to Twitch Earnings Leaks

An absolutely massive Twitch leak has revealed just about everything there is to reveal about the Amazon-owned company. For example, we now know, in order, the top-earning streamers on the platform, and how much exactly they are earning. However, according to various sources, the earnings list making the rounds is severely underestimated, and of course, doesn't take into account other revenue streams for these streamers. That said, while there may be some inaccuracies, what the list does confirm is there are many multi-millionaires on Twitch.

As you would expect, the leak, and especially the earnings list, has been all the Twitch community has been talking about. Included in this chatter are responses from many of the very streamers whose personal information was leaked. For example, Pokimane took to Twitter with the following response: "At least people can't over-exaggerate me 'making millions a month off my viewers' anymore. I capped my donations a year ago since I'm now at a point where sponsors, investments, and exclusive contracts can sustain me. Transparently, subs, plus stream ads are the lowest part of my income and I want you guys to continue keeping that money in your pocket. Treat yourselves."

As alluded to, while many streamers haven't addressed the leak, others have joined Pokimane in publicly acknowledging it and its implications. Below, you can check out a smattering of these responses. 

While the leak provides insight, albeit not wholly accurate, into how much the top Twitch streamers are making, it doesn't paint the entire picture. As Pokimane notes, the figures above are just the tip of the iceberg. Streamers are making for more money for exclusivity contracts and for promotion. At the launch of every big game, top streamers are often getting paid to play and promote said game, and sometimes these checks are in the millions. 


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