First Look at The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game Revealed

Mantic Games has revealed plans to launch a Kickstarter for a board game adaptation of The Umbrella Academy. Earlier today, the board game publisher revealed a first look at the upcoming The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game, which will have a Kickstarter crowdfunding game later this year. The game is based on the award-winning series of graphic novels by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba and will see 1-5 players work together to try to prevent the apocalypse. The new game will be designed by River Horse Games, an award-winning designer that has previously worked on board game adaptions of The Dark Crystal, Pacific Rim, and Terminator.  Few other details provided, but the game will use a mix of miniatures combat and card mechanics.

As part of the preview, Mantic Games revealed a first look at several miniatures from the game, including Spaceboy and Number Five. Notably, the miniatures (seen below) use the designs from the comic book instead of the popular Netflix adaptation. 

(Photo: Mantic Games)
(Photo: Mantic Games)

Mantic Games has a strong history of adapting various comic book franchises into tabletop games. Hellboy: The Board Game is considered to be one of the best comic book board game adaptations on the market. Mantic Games previously published a miniatures skirmish game based on The Walking Dead, with seven different story arcs full of miniatures released over a six year period. Mantic announced earlier this year that it was ending its line of The Walking Dead miniatures products in March. 

The Umbrella Academy first launched as a Dark Horse series of comics back in 2007. To date, three volumes of the comics series has been released over the course of 15 years. A fourth volume is also planned, but has yet to have a release date announced. Notably, the Netflix TV adaptation of the comics plans to use the announced villains from the unreleased fourth volume in its upcoming third season, which suggests that we could see more The Umbrella Academy comics soon. 


Mantic Games has noted that the Kickstarter for The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game will launch in early 2022. Expect to hear more details soon.