Uncharted Movie Release Date Delayed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Production on the Uncharted movie was finally scheduled to begin production a few weeks ago but the video game adaptation has suffered yet another set back. ComicBook.com can confirm that Sony Pictures has delayed the Uncharted movie release date once again, pushing the film from its March 5, 2021 release date to an October 8, 2021 release date. This marks the latest delay in production for the film which as recently as this January was set for a December 2020 release date. The studio delayed a number of other movies today as well including Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and seemingly Venom 2.

Production on the Uncharted movie had been set for a six-week delay in shooting due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a time frame that seems unlikely now given the severity of the outbreak worldwide. The film's new October release date perhaps suggests a fall start date for the film but that remains unconfirmed at this time. Sony had previously hoped to shoot uncharted in the early part of this year before star Tom Holland was scheduled to begin work on the studio's next Spider-Man film.

It was previously revealed that production on the untitled third Spider-Man movie from Marvel Studios is set to begin in July and expected to run through October of this year with filming locations including Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Iceland. It's unclear how much the spread of the coronavirus will delay that but if it stays on track for that production cycle it could put Holland in a position to shoot the two movies back-to-back

Holland is set to star as a young Nathan Drake in the video game adaptation alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film, an actor originally attached to play Drake back in 2009. Wahlberg is now playing Drake's long-time mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Venom director Ruben Fleischer is set to step behind the camera for the adaptation. Antonio Banderas is also set to star in the film along with Sophia Ali (Grey's Anatomy) and Tati Gabrielle (The 100) in unnamed roles.

"It's exciting because, without giving too much away, it's more of an origin story," Wahlberg told Collider earlier this month. "Meeting them, and Nathan becoming Nathan. Sully and him meeting, trying to not only get over on each other, but also starting to partner up and develop that relationship. It'll be very cool. It's the first time I'm in a movie that's a movie. I felt like when I was reading it, I was reading Indiana Jones or Thomas Crown Affair. It's got these great elements of these heist movies and adventure movies like I've never been a part of."


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