Uncharted Post-Credits Scene Explained

Uncharted is out in theaters everywhere this weekend, and as is the case with most big-name releases nowadays, it begs the question: Is there a post-credits scene? In Uncharted's case, the answer is that there's not one but two post-credits scenes to look forward to. For those just wondering about that to know if they need to sit put to check out the post-credits scenes, you can avoid spoilers by stopping here and heading to the theaters to see them, but for those who don't mind and want to know more, we'll discuss below the point of these two scenes.

Spoiler Warning: Uncharted movie spoilers aplenty from here on out.

At the end of Uncharted, we're treated to a dim prison where the camera eventually settles on one man. He's seen penning a postcard, and if you were paying attention to the rest of the movie, you'll recognize that this must be Sam, Nathan Drake's brother who was the catalyst for Nate going on his big adventure in the first place. Sam's trying to send Nate a warning of sorts, but we don't know details other than that since that's all the scene allows time for.

But don't leave just yet, because Uncharted has another treasure hidden away after the first. Those who stick around for the next post-credits scene will see a man named Gage – you may recognize him as Euron Greyjoy from Game of Thrones or from one of Pilou Asbæk's other roles – sitting at the table with Tom Holland's Nate. Gage and Nate are discussing a deal which involves Gage's employer, Roman, a name which should sound familiar to those who've played the Uncharted games. The final scene wraps up with Mark Wahlberg's Sully making an appearance wherein he finally sports his own version of Sully's signature mustache.

While nothing about an Uncharted 2 has been announced at this time, everything about those post-credits scenes looks to be setting up a sequel. Given that this movie itself was a prequel of sorts to the version of Nate we know from the games, it makes sense that there'd be more stories to tell. There are simply too many loose ends at the end of the movie to end there, so a follow-up movie and maybe more afterwards seems likely.

Uncharted is now in theaters everywhere. You can check out our review of the movie here.