Uncharted Spin-Off From Bend Studio Likely Canceled

A little over a week ago, a new report emerged stating that the team Bend Studio, the developer of Days Gone, was working on a new installment in the Uncharted series. The notion was one that made many fans quite eager to see what another studio outside of Naughty Dog might do with the series in a major capacity. Sadly, it doesn't sound as though this project is one that is going to continue onward.

Speaking to The MinnMax Show, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who shared the original information of this whole situation in the first place, said that he expects the Uncharted title from Bend Studio will be canceled at this point. While not certain on this point, Schreier said that the game as a whole wasn't far enough along to likely warrant a continuation. "It was a Bend project it was just kind of supervised by Naughty Dog. I assume it's just going to disappear," Schreier said of the game. "It was supposed to be an Uncharted spin-off, it wasn't like Uncharted 5 or something like that. For sure there will be new Uncharted games in the future, it's just who knows if that particular one will continue."

Schreier went on to give more detail on the amount of time that Bend Studio had poured into the project, saying much of it was still in the very early stages. "But that doesn't even mean anything because that particular one wasn't anything. It was just like paper -- design, writing, scripts, ideas, and stuff. It was maybe a prototype or two but it wasn't a game," he explained.

Although this revelation might be disappointing to those who are hoping to see Uncharted make a return sooner rather than later, as Schreier stated, this is a franchise that PlayStation will surely return to at some point. Uncharted as a whole is far too big for Sony to let it sit idle for too long. As such, we'll likely see a new installment in the series at some point down the road. Whether or not it ends up being developed by Naughty Dog or another studio, however, remains to be seen.


In the interim, Uncharted will be making a return somewhat soon, but in a new format. Sony is slated to release the film adaptation of the video game series in theaters early next year on February 18, 2022.