Upcoming God of War Game Will be the Most Brutal in the Series


The upcoming God of War game is expected to be the most brutal installation in the series so far, according to Sony higher-ups.

Sony’s vice president of marketing Asad Qizilbash spoke about the upcoming PlayStation 4 game during the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas. One of the first questions that was directed to Qizilbash was when the release date would be, a question that was laughed off and redirected to the upcoming release of Everybody’s Golf. But after reaffirming an early 2018 release date, the Sony VP talked about what players can expect from the game both in terms of emotions and sheer brutality.

For players who have stuck with the God of War series since the beginning, the viciousness of the series can’t be understated. Kratos has taken down legions of powerful enemies and gods, most of the time executing them in meticulous fashion.

But with all the killings and gore that composes the other games, Qizilbash told viewers during the GameStop Expo that they can expect God of War to be the most violent game yet. While describing the Norse world that Kratos progresses through, Qizilbash said that the team that’s been working on the game has said themselves that this will be the most brutal game in the series to date.

Qizilbash explained that part of the reason the frigid God of War world will be the most violent one yet has to do with the changes made to the combat system. Kratos typically takes on hordes of smaller enemies with larger adversaries peppered in to diversify battles, but the newest game focuses much more on 1v1 combat instead. The Sony exec described the game as being much more visceral, saying that players will feel every punch during the battles.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Qizilbash said that the game will also highlight the softer side of Kratos, a character that will struggle to balance being a fighter and a father in the game

The full discussion about God of War can be seen here via Twitch, and the game is expected to release on PlayStation 4 in early 2018.