Valorant Expands Closed Beta Access to More Players

More PC players are able to get into the Valorant closed beta this week now that he game's beta access has been expanded to three additional regions. Those in Latin America, Brazil, and Korea who've been eyeing the game with interest while watching other players get into the closed beta can now join the fight themselves as the three latest regions to get access to the preview. Riot Games announced the latest regions this week as they received access to Valorant and said "we're just getting started," so if you don't have access to the game yet, expect that to change in the future.

The expanded closed beta rollout took place on Tuesday, but for those who've been keeping up with the Valorant news, you'll recall that it was talked about last week. Riot previously said that it'd be adding the three regions to the closed beta soon while adding that the top priority for the game was adding more players as quickly as possible.

Riot's past discussion about the closed beta releases also mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic had impacted some parts of the game's closed beta release including but not limited to the time that certain regions got access to the game. One of the complications Riot encountered was with localizing the voice lines of the game's characters for different regions, so there's a chance players may encounter mixed languages in their game, depending on where they're playing.

There are also other regions that don't have access to the game yet, but Riot said that's being worked on as well. Oceania, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Greater Middle East were a few regions mentioned in the latest video update which don't have access to the game yet but would fall under the umbrella of the tweet below that guaranteed more rollouts were coming to get the game in players' hands.


Riot recently released Valorant's ranked mode, so players who've been playing for a while now can try their hand at a more competitive experience. Those who are just now starting in other regions will have to play several normal games before they can jump into ranked though. There's also a battle pass planned for the game, but that won't be released until Valorant's full launch.