Valorant Gameplay Trailer for Reyna Shows New Agent's Abilities

Riot Games followed up its Valorant teasers about the game’s newest Agent with a new trailer released Saturday to finally reveal and confirm Reyna as the game’s 11th Agent Valorant will launch with. Reyna’s design and her abilities were seen in the short trailer that lasted just over 30 seconds to show in a flurry of combat what the character can do. Her full kit of abilities hasn’t been detailed yet, so we’ll have to see what the specifics are, but she certainly looks like she’ll deliver on Riot’s teasers of the next Agent being an interesting and “spicy” one.

The Valorant trailer dropped this weekend to give us our best look yet at Reyna. Several teasers shared on different regional accounts for Valorant throughout the past day or so indicated that Reyna would be the name of the new Agent before this trailer confirmed it.

Reyna’s from Mexico and appears to have a combat style built around enhancing herself with enemies’ life forces, or at least something similar to that. You can see what she can do and draw conclusions yourself based on the trailer below.

It’s hard to speculate about everything she can do since we haven’t seen the full ability breakdown yet, but it’s clear she can do something with some sort of resource that’s left behind after an enemy dies. At various points throughout the trailer, she’s giving the Healing, Overhealed, and Combat Stim status effects. She can also throw down an ability that apparently goes through walls and lingers in the air which some players have theorized is a flash ability to blind enemies.

Whatever her actual abilities can do, it seems she’ll cater to more aggressive playstyles compared to other Agents who may be more focused on controlling areas and supporting teammates. Her ability to heal and the need for whatever the resources is left behind by enemies to fuel some of her abilities means that she’ll need to go on the offensive more often to make the most of her kit.


Previous conversations about Reyna prior to the Agent’s reveal labeled her a “spicy” character. Riot’s Valorant team said it was looking forward to seeing how players reacted to her.

Reyna and other features like the game’s battle pass will be live on June 2nd when the game’s full launch takes place on the PC platform.