Vs. Excitebike Coming To Nintendo Switch

Although Nintendo is launching classic NES games alongside its Nintendo Switch Online service next [...]


Although Nintendo is launching classic NES games alongside its Nintendo Switch Online service next month, it hasn't made mention of Excitebike coming to said service. Hopefully, it'll get a release, because it's the sort of game that we could really get into when it comes to competing against friends.

Fortunately, there's another option that'll become available. The team at Hamster has announced the next Nintendo-licensed game that's coming to the Switch through the company's Arcade Archives service, and it's none other than Vs. Excitebike.

Now, keep in mind that it's not exactly a port of the original Excitebike. Most of the game's fundamentals are the same, but there's a bit of a twist. It does have the same racing thrills you'd come to expect, but there's a huge customization feature, as you can put together your own custom tracks. Not only that, but you can also take on friends in local competition. (This would be an ideal opportunity for Hamster to introduce online features for the game, though nothing has been confirmed just yet, although leaderboards are likely to be included.)

The game made its debut on the Wii U back in 2015 where it attained a cult following, after its initial release on the Famicom Disk System wayyyyy back in 1988 for the Japanese market. So having it on the Switch would give it even more exposure on our shores, which we're perfectly content with.

The game is slated to release sometime this fall. A price point hasn't been given as of yet, but it's likely to be around $7.99, like Hamster's previous releases are. BTW, those include favorites like Vs. Super Mario Bros. and the original arcade Punch-Out!!, in case you're feeling nostalgic. You can download those games now.

Fingers crossed that this is just the beginning for Excitebike getting some love on the Nintendo Switch. A revitalized port of Excitebike 64 would hit the spot for the platform, and, again, we'd love to see the original pop up on the Nintendo gaming service, if only to create some in-office competition on who can clear a lap the fastest. (Spoiler alert: it's me.)

You can check out the original Excitebike now on the NES. If you have a Wii U, you can also download Vs. Excitebike as well. They're both worth checking out!

(Hat tip to NintendoLife for the scoop!)