WarioWare Gets the Honest Game Trailer Treatment

With this month’s release of WarioWare Gold for the Nintendo 3DS, everything seems to be coming [...]

With this month's release of WarioWare Gold for the Nintendo 3DS, everything seems to be coming up dollar signs for the long-time adversary of Mario. And if our review of Gold wasn't enough to convince you, then maybe the game's Honest Game Trailer will do the trick.

In the latest Smosh Games produced clip, which you can see above, the narrator has no trouble talking about the frantic mini-games that the series has become known for, along with its wacky cast of characters. He starts off by saying, "In a world where video games are getting bigger and longer, serving up giant open worlds with hundreds of hours of content, or brutal online gauntlets you need to treat like a second job to survive, get ready to discover a franchise that finally respects your time...by giving you games that are literally five seconds long.

"Immerse yourself in the garlic-scented universe of Wario, a bizarro world version of Mario who loves nothing more than gold, motorcycles and ripping huge farts, as he devises yet another dastardly plan to con everyone he meets out of their hard-earned moolah so he can sit in a pile of coins and cackle like an insane Sicilian dragon." (The Hobbit shoutout!)

He then dives into the lack of general story and the strange characters within the game. He notes it as a "video game experience that can only be designed by people do some extremely Japanese LSD. Duuuuuude, have you ever noticed how, like, totally kawaii your hands are? WHOA!"

It then shows off gameplay while asking, "What if mini-games didn't suck an entire butt?" It breaks down sessions of "dopamine" with its "patented micro-games, extremely simple tasks you're given a handful of seconds to perform, where the challenge is less the game itself and more figuring out what the f**k is happening quickly enough to pick the cartoon nose or whatever." He also refers to it as a "video game equivalent of a lab rat pressing a button to get a food pellet. It's almost depressing when you think about it." But then he shifts course when he discovers the classic NES mini-games.

After talking about different gameplay functions, and the fact that "it's mind-blowing they made eight of them," he sums up and says, "For all of Wario's polish and swagger, it's still a slapped-together pile of goofy bullshit." But then he concludes, "And maybe, sometimes, that's all we really need."

He then breaks down made-up names of the characters, and wraps up the trailer by wondering where Waluigi is in all this. "No wonder he turned to a life of crime!"

You can watch the trailer above and play WarioWare Gold on Nintendo 3DS now!