Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter Campaign Officially Announced

Despite the system's low sales, the Wii U played host to a number of well-regarded games. Since Nintendo officially ceased support for that platform, several of those games have found homes on other consoles, most notably Nintendo Switch. Titles like New Super Mario Bros. U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 have all gotten second chances at finding new audiences, and all have flourished, quite frankly. Today, PlatinumGames announced another Wii U exclusive will also appear on current consoles: The Wonderful 101. Platinum's Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101: Remastered just went live, and it's already funded for Nintendo Switch! The company has revealed stretch goals for Steam and PS4 versions of the game, as well.

The news should not come as a gigantic surprise, as the port has been heavily rumored for quite some time. Just last month, IGN founder Peer Schneider all-but-confirmed the port, while also alluding to another possible Wii U title making the jump to Switch. Many Nintendo fans have speculated that Pikmin 3 or Super Mario 3D World could arrive at some point on the handheld hybrid, though nothing has been confirmed, as of this writing.

The immediate success of the Kickstarter just goes to show how much demand there is for Wii U games on other platforms. On one hand, it's a testament to the system's overall quality (despite poor sales), but on the other hand, some Wii U owners worry that all these ports are making the older system less memorable in the long-term. Of course, for a company like PlatinumGames, getting more players to give their game a chance simply cannot be a bad thing, particularly when development costs are taken into consideration.

Of course, no Kickstarter campaign would be complete without some nice backer incentives, and PlatinumGames has a plethora to entice those on the fence. In addition to the standard digital and physical options, backers can also receive soundtracks, keychains, an optional Twitter blocking from director Hideki Kamiya (yes, actually being blocked on the platform!), a physical comic book, toys, and more!


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