Batista Gets a Mad Max Makeover in WWE 2K20's New Wasteland Wanderers Originals DLC

2K continues to roll out new content for WWE 2K20, and the newest addition is bringing along a [...]

2K continues to roll out new content for WWE 2K20, and the newest addition is bringing along a brand new showcase, redesigned superstars, and more with a Wasteland theme. The new Originals content is called Wasteland Wanderers, and as you might surmise from the title features a post-apocalyptic theme. Like the previous set (Bump in the Night), the new pack includes a mini-showcase that features a host of new takes on WWE superstars like Samoa Joe, Batista, Ruby Riott, and Velveteen Dream. This showcase will spotlight Seth Rollins, who has been transformed into Seth the Wanderer, but there's also new story towers, arenas, and new weapons and gear.

Speaking of Batista and Ruby, you can see some new images of their Wasteland Wanderers redesigns in the images below, and we can't wait to see the rest of the lineup.

The new content also features additional story towers, which include spotlights for Rhea Ripley, Elias, and Roman Reigns, and you can check out everything that comes with the new DLC below, which is available now.

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Seth the Wanderer (a new twist on Seth Rollins) has found himself invited to a tournament in the ruined husk of a once-vibrant city. Once there, he finds himself more prisoner than invited combatant, fighting for more than just the water and rations he was promised.

As he battles his way through a series of difficult matches, Seth will find himself face to face with the enigmatic and powerful Overlord (aka Samoa Joe), who seems to have it out for his new "guest." The enmity between these two will culminate in one final confrontation, the stakes of which couldn't be higher.

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"Song of the Drifter" – Survivor Elias must compete against some of the strongest Superstars the Wasteland has to offer in a series of Fatal Four-Way matches;
"Trapped With Me" – Survivor Rhea Ripley finds a group of misfits looking to join her team. If they want a spot in the squad, they'll have to beat her first;
"Gas Tax" – Survivor Pete Dunne has found himself robbed of his own fuel reserves. If he wants them back, he'll have to go through a gauntlet of matches hosted by Raider Velveteen Dream.
"Hostile Takeover" – The Overlord has fallen, and Survivor Roman Reigns is looking to claim the vacancy. He has a few people to go through before he can take the throne, each of whom thinks he should rule the Wasteland.

(Photo: 2K)


Seth the Wanderer;
Overlord Samoa Joe;
Corbin the Gatekeeper;
Ali Fortune Fighter;
Grand Champion Batista;
Advocate Jack Gallagher;
Warrior Ruby Riott;
Raider Velveteen Dream.


Overlord's Coliseum;
The Scrapyard.


New voiceover and commentary;
New themed Superstar parts;
New themed Create-an-Arena parts;
New themed weapons.

WWE 2K20 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, and let us know what you think of the new content in the comments! You can also hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things WWE and 2K20!