New Xbox Controller Leaks Ahead of Reveal

Another new Xbox controller has seemingly leaked after a listing for an unannounced device was spotted online via a retailer. The device in question is supposedly called the "Lunar Shift" controller and comes with a unique trick of the light effect that changes the colors of the controller's body based on "light and motion. Xbox has not yet announced this device, but if listings for it have been spotted online, an official reveal may be on the horizon.

This controller was spotted first by Twitter user EspiaDeOfertas. Posting on the social platform, the user said they believed they'd found an Xbox controller listed on Amazon that Microsoft had not yet been announced. A quick look at Xbox's listings for different controllers shows that this Lunar Shift variant is not among those announced and available.

While the controller features a silverish-grey design that isn't too notable by itself compared to some of the other options out there, the appeal of this one seems to come from its "Surreal Shimmer" feature. A preview of this on the back of the box shown in a follow-up tweet from the same Twitter user describes this feature as one that "Changes color with light and motion." How that'll actually look compared to other options remains to be seen given that we haven't actually seen this thing yet in any official capacity, but once it's revealed, you can be there will be a video with it to show off this trait.

It wasn't long ago now that we saw another Xbox controller leak ahead of its reveal. That device was the Mineral Camo controller which appeared online as an early listing just like this latest one supposedly has. It wasn't long after that leak that Xbox officially unveiled the controller, so perhaps we'll get quick reveal for this one as well.