Xbox Game Pass Is Still Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass name is staying the same despite what a logo change suggested this week. Microsoft showed off an updated look at its Xbox Game Pass logo which showed the word “Xbox” removed in place of an Xbox symbol and the words “Game Pass.” This led people to believe that the name itself might be changing, possibly because of Xbox’s consumer-friendly moves like making games more accessible on different platforms, but Microsoft has now confirmed the name is still the same as it always was.

Microsoft commented on the logo change after the new logo was shared online and people began speculating about the possible name change. To help clear up any confusion, a handy graphic was shared through the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account to point out some of the reasons for the logo change and to confirm that the service is still called “Xbox Game Pass.”

A statement provided to VGC confirmed the new logo and that there’d been no adjustments made to the actual name of the subscription service.

“Xbox recently revealed a redesigned logo for Xbox Game Pass,” Microsoft said. “While the logo is new, there have been no changes to the name of the service, it remains Xbox Game Pass.”

Whether it’s got a new name and logo or the old ones, Xbox’s Game Pass service continues to do the same it always has by adding new games and removing the occasional title to make room. It’s also part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which combines both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold into one bundle, though there’s been speculation lately that Xbox Live Gold may not make it to the next generation in its current form and will instead be free.


Xbox Game Pass certainly appears to be sticking around regardless of what happens to Xbox Gold Live, however. New games announced for the Xbox Series X have already been confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass subscription when they launch on the new console so long as they’re part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios family. This includes Halo Infinite as well as any other first-party game from Xbox you’ve seen and have been interested in.

The service is also getting upgraded to include Project xCloud, another service of Microsoft’s that allows users to play their games in more places. That change will happen in September when Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get automatic access to Project xCloud.