Xbox Live Is Currently Down

Xbox Live is down on Xbox One and other Xbox platforms, for some at least. More specifically, many users are reporting log-in issues. The official Xbox Support Twitter account has revealed that it is seeing reports that users are having trouble signing in. At the moment, it has teams investigating the issue, and will have details to share soon. It's unclear how widespread the issue is, but it's clearly substantial enough that the account decided it was worth making a tweet about. Beyond issues signing in, there's currently no known problems plaguing Xbox Live, so if you're having problems beyond signing in, it could be on your end.

"We've seen reports that users are having trouble signing in," reads the aforementioned tweet. "We have teams working on it now! We'll update you with additional details as soon as we can."

As you would expect, Xbox players aren't very happy, noting that Xbox Live has been having a lot of issues recently.

We will keep you updated as Xbox keeps us updated. In the meanwhile, make sure to check out all of our previous and extensive coverage on Xbox One -- and all things related to it -- by clicking right here. In some recent and related news, a new Mega Man game has been announced for the console.