Xbox Live Is Down for Some Players Across Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Live is currently down for some players across all Xbox platforms, which includes Xbox One [...]

Xbox Live is currently down for some players across all Xbox platforms, which includes Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Within the past hour, a drastic rise in reported problems from Xbox users have started to appear, many of which state that the online gaming component associated with Xbox as a whole isn't working. And while this might be a bit troublesome to hear about, the problems in question are actually happening at a number of different websites and services at this moment.

As a whole, the aspects of Xbox Live that are said to be dealing with problems come with the service's core features. Users who have been reporting problems within the hour have largely said that they cannot play games online in any capacity. Others have found that they can't even properly log-in to their profile. Some have also said that the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles has also been down, although this problem seems to be less widespread.

As mentioned, the underlying problem behind these Xbox Live issues stems from the fact that Akamai is currently down. If you're unaware of what Akamai is, essentially, it's a service that hosts a large number of platforms that are connected to the internet in some capacity. Akamai experienced a drastic loss of many services today around midday, which then led to other platforms that it supports, such as Xbox Live, then going down. PlayStation was also affected as a result of this outage, with PSN also experiencing issues for many players across PS4 and PS5.

At the time of this article being published, it does sound as though many services associated with Akamai are slowly starting to come back online. As such, if you have been dealing with annoyances on Xbox Live, hopefully, the trouble should be resolved in the near future. And if you are mad about this whole ordeal happening, just know that Microsoft and Xbox aren't the ones to blame.

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