Xbox One Adding Long Overdue Feature

Xbox One is adding a long-overdue feature soon. Right now, Xbox One users can only be signed into a single device at any given time. In other words, there's no option to be signed into multiple devices simultaneously. For some -- if not many -- this is not a problem because there's never a need to be signed into multiple devices at a single time, but for some Xbox One gamers, this is a pretty substantial problem, and one that many have been asking Microsoft to address.

For Project xCloud users, this has been a big problem. When you sign in to your mobile device to stream games via Project xCloud, you need to be signed out all of the other devices if you're using the same Xbox Live account, which you most likely are. This problem is especially exasperated for families. Because while you use Project xCloud, no one can be signed into the same Xbox Live account on the Xbox One.

That said, this is reportedly going to no longer be a problem. The report comes way of Windows Central, which relays word that Microsoft is preparing to lift this restriction on Xbox Live, which means soon you'll be able to sign into multiple devices simultaneously. For now, it's unclear if there will be a cap to this.

Windows Central notes this feature is currently in the internal testing phase of development, and will most likely arrive alongside the full rollout of Project xCloud on September 13.


As you may know, Project xCloud will be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so there will soon be a lot of people likely making use of it, which perhaps explains why Microsoft is finally tackling this previously minor problem.

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