Xbox Making Long-Awaited Upgrade to Series X Consoles

Microsoft is making a long-awaited upgrade to both Xbox Series X consoles and Xbox Series S, though it remains to be seen if it will nail the execution. Word of the upgrade comes straight from Microsoft via Xbox Wire. As it notes, more customization is coming to backgrounds and home screens, with some of the changes and improvements being rolled out to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users this week. According to Microsoft, these "users will be receiving different layouts of the experience." 

"One piece of feedback we heard from you is that you want to see more of your stuff, like your Pins, games and backgrounds," says Microsoft. "In this experiment, we are adding additional customization capabilities-and we'll share more on backgrounds soon!"

Microsoft continues: "Recently we introduced customized games and groups (including Pins) to our experiment. Now we are making your stuff even easier to access with new layouts of your chosen content. We also added new personalized games lists to Home. We've heard a ton of varied feedback, including wanting to see more of your custom background. We're on it! Stay tuned for more info soon."

When all of this will roll out to the public, Microsoft doesn't say, but when things hit Alpha Skip-Ahead, they usually trickle out in a few months. Again, whether these changes will be what Xbox fans want remains to be seen, but many have been calling for more customization of the Xbox home screen and backgrounds. On PS4, PlayStation users enjoyed a ton of customization in this regard, but on PS5 this is no longer true. In other words, if Xbox can get this right, it will have the advantage.

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