Xbox Pokes Fun at PlayStation 5 for Its Stand

Sony featured the inside and outside of its PlayStation 5 console this week in a teardown video that pulled the console apart and showed what makes it work. But before the console could be dismantled, it had to first be positioned horizontally which is a process that apparently takes a bit longer than one might’ve expected. Xbox saw the opportunity to take a quick jab at the process and poked fun at the PlayStation 5’s orientations via Twitter.

In the teardown video below, we see the stand being removed from the PlayStation 5 around a minute and 10 seconds in. The base of the PlayStation 5 is held in with a screw when the console is oriented vertically, and to change the position, you have to unscrew it and remove the base first. You can then store the screw inside the base, use a cap to plug the screw hole on the PlayStation 5, rotate the base to keep the screw housed safely within, and finally clip the stand back onto the console to support it when it’s placed horizontally.

It’s a well-planned solution for the PlayStation 5’s chunky size even if most people are probably just going to keep the console oriented one way or the other the majority of the time they use it without needing to switch it at all. Regardless of how easy the video makes it look though, it’s more involved than we’re used to seeing when it comes to just turning consoles on their sides.

Xbox thought so too and shared the tweet below that shows how you switch the blocky Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal. It’s a bit less involved.


Xbox of course never mentioned PlayStation directly, but the two never really do when they take the well-timed jabs at one another. Both have a history of banter via videos and social media much to the amusement of the company’s followers. It’s been a bit more one-sided during the build-up to this new generation though considering how Xbox has been more forthcoming with information about its next-gen plans.

The tweet above is one example of that where Xbox reiterated its plans for pre-orders after the messy PlayStation 5 process, though neither console’s pre-orders went smoothly. PlayStation also famously released the video above back in 2013 that showed how to share games on PlayStation consoles.