Xbox Series X|S Controller Update Fixes Launch Issue

Xbox has released its March update for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S family of consoles with a [...]

Xbox has released its March update for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S family of consoles with a welcome improvement for the next-gen Xbox controller. This update fixes "many of the controller disconnects" players have been experiencing when using the Xbox Series X|S controller since launch, according to the Xbox team. Other changes included in the update include preparations for the FPS Boost and the return of achievements in the Xbox App.

Those with the next-gen Xbox controller may notice the lack of disconnects after downloading the latest Xbox update, but hopefully it's something you won't have to notice at all since your controller will just be working as intended. Either way, the change isn't something you'd see discussed in the breakdown of the release itself. Microsoft's post about the March update made no mention of the resolved controller disconnect issues, but Xbox's Director of Program Management Jason Ronald noted on Twitter that the controller fixes are included in the release.

Microsoft said not long ago that it was well aware of problems that people were experiencing with their Xbox controllers. Users were finding that there devices were occasionally becoming unresponsive when trying to use certain inputs such as the face buttons.

As for the rest of the update's changes, one of the most notable features is the settings added for FPS Boost-enabled games. If you for some reason don't want to utilize some of the enhancements made possible by the Xbox Series X|S, you'll have the option to disable things like the Auto HDR and FPS Boost.

"In your game's manage settings, you can choose your compatibility options and toggle on or off Auto HDR and FPS Boost," said Jonathan Hildebrandt, Principal Program Manager Lead on Xbox Experiences. "Once you restart the game, your selections will be applied – you can verify it by pressing the Xbox button and checking the indicators under the clock. Not every game will support these features, so the compatibility options may not be available for your game."

Xbox's March update should now be available across all platforms.