Microsoft Makes Xbox Series X Change Following Fan Outrage

Microsoft has made a change to the box art of Xbox Series X games following fan outrage over the original design. For the box art of Xbox Series X games, Microsoft opted to further establish continuity between Xbox One and Xbox Series X by giving the two very similar box art designs. However, there was one big difference between the two, at least at first. The biggest difference between the two was the oversized Xbox Series X optimization logo on the front of the box art of every Xbox Series X game.

The optimization logo was so big and standout that many Xbox fans took to Twitter to call out the design, demanding changes. The backlash was so substantial that for a few weeks the optimization logo became a meme format. That said, at the time, it looked like Microsoft was going to stick with this unpopular design.

Fast-forward a bit, and now it's now addressed the complaints of Xbox fans. The logo is still on the each and every Xbox Series X game, but it won't be on the front. Rather, it will be on the back. The result is a much cleaner and informative front cover.

Microsoft didn't publicly announce the change, but it's been confirmed and shared by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad and others. Below, courtesy of Ahmad, you can check out the new design alongside the previous design:

Of course, a simple change like this is unlikely to have any tangible impact on the console's success, but it's nice to see Microsoft not only listening to fans, but making adjustments with swiftness.


Xbox Series X is set to release worldwide sometime later this year. For more coverage on the console, and everything related to it, click here or peep the relevant links below: