Xbox Series X Price Teased By Phil Spencer

The Xbox Series X is set to launch sometime this holiday season, and while we know a great deal about the console, we have no clue how much it will cost. And it sounds like Microsoft may not know how much it's going to cost either. During a new interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested that Microsoft has plans when it comes to pricing the console, however, he also suggests these plans may change before launch, particularly in relation to what Sony does with the PS5. That said, Spencer admits he feels good about the price they are aiming for, especially when considering how powerful the console is.

"You have to set a price target at the beginning for yourselves, and then you kind of roll in as you see the competition come in and you start to do your go-to-market planning," said Spencer. "I feel good about the price that we're going to be able to get to. I feel good about the price and the performance capabilities that we have with Series X."

Spencer continued:

"We're getting incredible support from Microsoft. Satya Nadella, the CEO, my boss, Amy Hood, the CFO, they're very linked in to what our plans are. We're going to make sure that we stay agile on our pricing and that we have a good plan going into launch."

Now, by definition, agile means able to move quickly and easily. So, while Spencer doesn't outright say the price of the console could be impacted by what Sony does, he does seem to suggest as much. Problem is, it seems Sony wants Microsoft to spill its beans first, probably for the same reason.

Given how much the Xbox Series X likely costs to manufacture -- just south of $500 -- it's hard to imagine Microsoft coming in hot with a $400 price point for the next-gen console. Meanwhile, $450 is possible, but $500 is more likely at this point. And considering what the Xbox Series X is packing, that's a fair price point. However, with the economy currently freefalling, it's hard to imagine many will be willing to splash half a grand on a luxury gaming console this holiday season.

The Xbox Series X is set to release worldwide sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a price point, but what we do have is a growing list of confirmed Xbox Series X games.

H/T, IGN and DualShockers