Xbox Team Working to Improve Series X and Series S Capture and Share Features

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles now have better capture and share features built into them [...]

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles now have better capture and share features built into them compared to the last generation, but the Xbox team has plans to make those features even more useful. Responding to feedback from those who had issues with both the capturing and sharing steps when using the consoles' features, the Xbox team said improving these systems was a "priority for the team" and that there are a couple of different improvements planned to enhance the experience.

Jason Ronald, director of product management within the Xbox team, responded to YouTuber colteastwood who listed some of the issues experienced when using the capture and share features. Another Twitter user quote-tweeted in the exchange cited things like clip length and the actual upload process as other issued they'd experienced. Ronald said the Xbox team has heard the feedback and that it's working on solutions.

No timeframes were given for when those improvements might be available or what, specifically, they'd change, but Xbox Series X and Series S owners at least know now that plans are in motion. As an aside, Ronald responded to another user's follow-up question to confirm that we'll hear more about backwards compatibility enhancements for different games throughout the year.

Since the new consoles launched, the Xbox team has been fielding responses like these to share details on future console plans, but notable updates for the new systems have been infrequent. Xbox's console updates shared through the preview programs have continued as usual with different features added over time for players to preview before they get a wide release.

The Xbox team has also been asking players directly what kinds of improvements they'd like to see in both the Series X and Series S consoles as well. In at least one case, a survey sent out to users to fill out with their feedback referenced the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller. The new PlayStation controller has a capture and sharing feature itself just like the Series X and Series S controller does, but it's got a bit more going for it with things like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The recent Xbox survey from earlier in the year asked its takers if they were aware of new features included with "PlayStation controllers" and if they'd like to see those features added to Xbox peripherals.

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