White Next-Gen Xbox Controller Surfaces Online

A new look at a next-gen Xbox controller surfaced online this week to fuel speculation about alternate color options for the Xbox Series X and even the long-fabled companion console to the Xbox Series X that Microsoft hasn't talked about yet. The controller that's caused these speculations comes from a post on Reddit from an individual who said they were at a party in Washington hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee, according to The Verge who was able to speak with the user before their account was deleted. The user who posted the photo also talked of a console accompanying it that sounded like it looked different compared to the Xbox Series X.

The picture in question was shared on Reddit, but you can't find it there in the post any longer now that the post itself and the user's entire account have been deleted. Before it was deleted, the image was captured by others and shared online.

It certainly resembles the Xbox Series X controller we've seen before, but the only one we've seen so far has been black, just like the Xbox Series X itself. When questioned about the controller, the user who posted the image told The Verge the console associated with the device "looked more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it." The person said they played games on the console and that the interface resembled that of the Xbox One's.

Assuming the controller and the unseen console are actually real, there are a few directions this leak could take. It could lead us to an alternate color option for the Xbox Series X which seems likely regardless of if this means anything more, but there's still the squarish console to figure out if that's the case. That console could be a unique version of the Xbox Series X or it could be a different console altogether. Microsoft is still thought to have another console besides the Xbox Series X to unveil before the Holiday 2020 launch, but we haven't seen that one yet. If there's an alternate option out there, it's not a stretch to imagine this other console being a more affordable but less powerful next-gen device.


Microsoft's Xbox Series X is the only console we know about at this point. It's scheduled to release some time during Holiday 2020.