xQc Delays 60-Day Twitch Subathon

Ever since Ludwig broke the record for most concurrent subscribers on Twitch at a single time [...]

Ever since Ludwig broke the record for most concurrent subscribers on Twitch at a single time earlier this year, arguably the platform's most popular streamer, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, has been planning his own subathon to take the record for himself. And while this subathon was planned to finally kick off next month, xQc has now announced that he'll be pushing it back a bit later than expected.

During a recent stream on Twitch held by xQc this week, the former professional Overwatch player said that he won't be starting his own subathon--which is planned to last for 60 days--in June. Instead, he has now said that he'll still be doing it, but it won't transpire until later on in 2021. "I've thought about it [and] I'm not doing it," xQc said in regard to the subathon beginning in June.

So why exactly has xQc decided to postpone this event? Well, it's because he wants to make even more money from the streaming marathon. xQc explained on another stream that Twitch's ads are at their biggest and most profitable later on in the year. "My five head thinking is doing it in Q4," xQc said. This would mean that the subathon in question would take place from any point between October and December. "Ads are going to be so wild. The closer you are to Q4, they're madness. Two times, three times as big," he explained.

Perhaps the funniest part of xQc explaining his reasoning for holding off on his subathon like this is that Ludwig also happened to be in the room as he talked about it. Ludwig himself when hearing about xQc's new strategy seemed to be in agreement that the money he would make by holding off would result in big dividends. By Ludwig's own approximation, he said that he thinks xQc would bring in close to $2 million per month, which is downright absurd.

For those that were excited about xQc's subathon, it's surely a bummer to hear that the event won't officially be happening until later in 2021. Still, with how often xQc streams as it is, it's not like there will be any shortage of content related to the popular streamer over the next few months.

[H/T Dexerto]