xQc Says "You Can't Cancel Me" in Rant About Cancel Culture

During a recent Twitch stream, Felix 'xQc' Lengyel -- the most popular streamer on the platform -- revealed that he will never be cancelled, partially because cancel culture, according to the streamer, doesn't actually exist. Reacting to the recent controversies surrounding Disguised Toast, Karl Jacobs, and more, xQc challenged anyone to try and cancel him, noting unless he's literally deplatformed, there's no cancelling him.

"Guys, I've said this before, and I'll say it again okay, you're never going to have me do some stupid s**t like this, okay," said the streamer, while reacting to Disguised Toast's response to his 'problematic past and being cancelled'. "You're not going to manipulate me like a puppet. 'Oh be this, do that for me'."

The French-Canadian streamer continued:

"Cancelling isn't real. You're not going to f****g cancel me, okay. Unless you deplatform me, literally. And unless I can't go live, and I can't tweet, and I can't post videos... I'm not cancelled. I'm not deplatformed. You can not cancel me. It's never going to happen. So come at me, b****h. I don't give a f**k. I don't know why people have to react to this. They don't have to. S**k my b***s, man. Cancel Culture isn't even real. Nobody is getting cancelled. Not a single person has been cancelled the past few years. Yet everyone makes a billion tweets and videos and reactions, and they all sit around, 'Guys, I apologize for x, y, z, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6.' Dude, they don't have to, motherf***a.' You can't get cancelled."

Over the years, xQc he's been engulfed in a couple of controversies that saw him suspended from the Overwatch League and banned from Twitch. Despite this, in 2021, he's the biggest streamer in the world, and unlike some who have come and gone from the top, he's shown that he's here to stay.

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