Bop Baby Yoda Like a Scout Trooper With The Mandalorian Bop It! Game

Yesterday's big wave of Star Wars toy releases from Hasbro were mostly focused on The Black Series [...]


Yesterday's big wave of Star Wars toy releases from Hasbro were mostly focused on The Black Series and The Vintage Collection figures, but they also squeezed in a version of the classic Bop It! game featuring The Child (aka Baby Yoda). Apparently, they learned nothing from the Jason Sudeikis Scout Trooper debacle in The Mandalorian Season 1 finale. Fans have strong feelings about punching Baby Yoda, and rightfully so.

However, if you're willing to bring that kind of heat down on yourself, know that The Mandalorian edition of Bop It! plays the same as the original, meaning you'll need to rough Baby Yoda up a bit to win. The Mandalorian himself will command players to take actions, and these commands will get progressively faster and more challenging. Players will also hear the sounds of Baby Yoda, who will probably be cooing cutely during all of this abuse. Baby Yoda BOOP It! would have been acceptable, but not this. How about a nice game of Baby Yoda Monopoly instead?

Baby Yoda Bop It! is a Walmart exclusive that should be available to order here for $14.99 in the near future (it is expected to arrive in the fall). Baby Yoda certainly isn't the first Star Wars character to endure this treatment. Inside that link you'll also find Bop It! games featuring Chewbacca, R2-D2, and BB-8.


In other Baby Yoda merch news, Geeki Tikis kicked off their official lineup of Star Wars: The Mandalorian tiki mugs with an exclusive that features The Child (aka Baby Yoda) sipping soup. They followed it up with the main collection which includes a tiki mug featuring Baby Yoda in a Force pose, the assassin droid turned hero IG-11, and The Mandalorian himself.

As with all Geeki Tikis mugs, The Mandalorian collection is made of hefty ceramic and is top shelf dishwasher and microwave safe. The Baby Yoda mug holds 16oz, the IG-11 mug holds 18oz, and the Mando Mug holds a whopping 20oz of your favorite summer beverage. Pre-order links for each mug can be found below with shipping slated for August.

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