Dumb and Dumber Funko Pops Are Finally Here


The 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber - starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as the lovable idiots Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne - is another one of those classics that gets Funko Pops out of nowhere and you think "why did it take this long?". Well, the good news is that they're here now - and Funko went pretty big with the wave.

A full breakdown of the Dumb and Dumber Funko Pop wave is available below along with pre-order links. There are several Lloyd and Harry variants, and two of the Pop figures have rare Chase versions that will go to lucky customers at random. There are also two Pop Rides in the wave (Mutt Cutts van and Bicycle) that should be at the top of your wish list for the series. Shipping for all of the figures is slated for January.


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