Funko's Spider-Man Captain Universe Exclusive Pop Launches at NY Toy Fair


There will be many Funko Pop figures released at New York Toy Fair 2020 today, but Marvel fans will definitely want to add this #614 Spider-Man Captain Universe exclusive to their list. The costume design looks absolutely amazing on this figure. Plus, Captain Universe Spider-Man is interesting because he's overpowered to the extreme.

If you're unfamiliar, Captain Universe first appeared in Marvel's Micronauts #8, but the Uni-Power energy source behind the identity has merged with various hosts over the years to combat major threats. This includes Peter Parker beginning in Spectacular Spider-Man #158. The transformation gave Spider-Man Superman-esque levels of power in response to Loki's "Acts of Vengeance" plan to gang up on the world's heroes. With the powers of Captain Universe, Spider-Man managed to defeat Trapster, Titania, Magneto, the Brothers Grimm, Goliath, the Hulk, the Rhino, Shocker, Hydro-Man, TESS-One, Terminus, Graviton, Dragon Man, and Tri-Sentinel. He even punched Grey Hulk into space in Amazing Spider-Man #328!

If you want to add the Spider-Man Captain Universe Pop Figure to your collection, it can be pre-ordered here at Entertainment Earth (Exclusive) for $13.99 while supplies last. It's a limited edition, and the New York Toy Fair Pop figure releases tend to sell out quickly, so grab one while you can. Note that this particular Marvel Funko Pop figure features a bobbling head. UPDATE: Funko has also added a Stan Lee Thor: Ragnarok cameo, J. Jonah Jameson, and Valkyrie on Horse Pop figures to the Marvel lineup at NY Toy Fair 2020.

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