Funko Pop WonderCon 2021 Update: Diamond Collection Pokemon Jolteon Now Available

Funko's Virtual Con events conclude today, April 23rd with the launch of the shared exclusive Pop figures for WonderCon 2021. The WonderCon@Home event actually took place in March, but the Funko Pop figures were pushed back due to pandemic-related shipping issues. Fortunately, the wait is over, and all of the details you need to score the coveted Wonderous Con 2021 Pop figures are available right here. UPDATE: The delayed Diamond Collection Pokemon Jolteon Pop figure is now available to order here at BoxLunch. It probably won't last long.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Pop figures that feature the official WonderCon 2021 sticker will only be available to fans that were lucky enough to win a spot through the Funko Shop lottery system on April 15th. That ship has sailed, but you can still grab them here on eBay if you're willing to pay the markup. If you're content with the shared exclusive sticker, here's what you need to know...


A complete breakdown of the WonderCon / Virtual Wonderous Con 2021 Funko Pop figures can be found below along with links where they can be ordered. The links will be updated as new information becomes available. These shared exclusive Pop figures and Soda figures will be available via their respective retailers starting today, April 23rd, at 6am PT / 9am ET. Again, when these exclusives sell out, you'll be able to grab them here on eBay with the sticker of your choice. UPDATE: Not all of the Pop figures launched on time - again, the links below will be updated when the figures are live.

Funko WonderCon 2021 Pop Figures:


Funko WonderCon 2021 Soda Figures:

  • Black Widow - FunkoShop Exclusive
  • The Rocketeer - FunkoShop Exclusive
  • Coco: Miguel with Guitar - FunkoShop Exclusive
  • Land of the Lost: Sleestak - FunkoShop Exclusive
  • Woodsy Owl - FunkoShop Exclusive
  • Hanna Barbera: Lil' Gruesome - FunkoShop Exclusive

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