Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit RC Kart Set Pre-Orders Hit Amazon

mario kart live home circuit new cropped hed
(Photo: Nintendo)

One of Nintendo's biggest and most surprising announcements during their recent Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct event was Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for the Nintendo Switch. Created in partnership with Velean Studios, the game will bring Super Mario Kart into the real world with a physical RC Kart and track elements that can be used to race on custom courses in your home.

The sets first went live here at Walmart (Mario) / Walmart (Luigi) and sold out quickly. They just went live here on Amazon (Mario) / Amazon (Luigi) and the same result is expected, so grab them while you can. Placeholder links are also up here at Best Buy and could go live at any moment. The sets are slated to launch on October 16th. Nintendo's trailer (see below) illustrates how the game works, and additional details are available here.

Basically, you'll be racing an RC Kart on a home track, competing against other physical Karts and digital opponents. The physical Kart will also respond to in-game boosts and items. Like the Labo kits before it, the Home Circuit kits are another whimsical way that Nintendo is attempting to make gaming a more physical experience.

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