Monopoly for Millennials Released by Hasbro
(Photo: Walmart/Hasbro)

If you grew up in a game-loving household, you know that there are countless versions of Monopoly, arguably the most classic board game in the history of board games.

From The Simpsons to KISS (the band), the Parker Brothers game has no shortage of ideas when it comes to themes. However, Hasbro may have taken it a little too far this time with their brand new Monopoly for Millennials.

According to Mashable, the new game won't feature buying properties, because that's not something Millennials, who are known for ruining everything from the napkin industry to literal running, can't typically afford to do.

Instead, you can buy "experiences," which includes thrilling activities such as "going to the Vegan Bistro or crashing on [your] Friend's Couch." Excuse us while we process the fact that this is real...

The new game's box art features Mr. Monopoly, originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, donning some hip shades and ear buds (which aren't even wireless!) while holding a to-go cup of coffee. He's also surrounded by some bikes and a vegan establishment.

The front of the box features the tagline, "Forget Real Estate. You Can't Afford It Anyway," while the back cuts even deeper with, "Adulting is Hard." Whether you think it's cheeky or insulting, the game is already sold out on Walmart's website.

While the game has been met with some Millennial-infused backlash, some people do enjoy the concept. Reviews on Walmart's website range from "it's a great game," to "don't do this."

On Twitter, you'll read some complaints but you're more likely to encounter people commenting on the fact that Millennials are mad about it than actual Millennials who are mad about it. Classic social media!

The official game is priced at $19.82, which is supposed to be a nod to the first wave of Millennials. 1982 may come as a surprise to some, because many critics of this generation tend to get confused about the age range, not realizing many people are already inching towards 40.

While the age range varies depending on different studies, the general consensus puts the birth dates between 1981 and 1996. That means if you're under 22, you're officially considered a part of the Gen Z generation. (Take note, college professors: you're working with a new class now.)


Currently, Monopoly for Millennials is available only at Walmart.

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