NERF Hyper Evolve-100 Blaster Features Instant Round Reloading (Exclusive)


NERF's Hyper line of blasters launched in 2021 with a new high capacity projectile and hopper system that made reloading super fast. The small size of the new Hyper rounds meant that you could fill the hoppers on pistol-sized blasters with 40 projectiles. Larger blasters could take up to 100, and they could be filled with clip on  / rail mounted canisters in a manner that's similar to paintball. Now NERF is making reloading even faster with the Hyper Evolve-100 blaster, and your first official look is happening right here at 

The Hyper Evolve-100 blaster features a spring-loaded hopper that can be opened automatically via a quick-release button using your trigger hand. That means you can stay in the battle during a reload by filling the hopper via a canister with your free hand while keeping your finger on the trigger. As the name suggests, the hopper on the Hyper-100 can hold 100 rounds (70 rounds are included) and, like other Hyper blasters, it can fire those rounds up to 110 feet per second. Two tactical rails for canisters offer quick access to ammo. Additional features / additions include a vertical priming foregrip for enhanced stability and a pair of protective eyeglasses. 


The spring-loaded hopper is another paintball feature that's a welcome addition to the NERF Hyper lineup. If you agree, you can add it to your arsenal here at Walmart (exclusive) or $52.97. The blaster is being officially announced today, but it appears that Walmart has been stocking for the last couple of weeks. You can pick up additional canisters and Hyper blasters here at Walmart and here on Amazon

Buy the Nerf Hyper Evolve-100 at Walmart

In other NERF news, two new Star Trek  phaser blasters that were designed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Next Generation TV series launched earlier this month. The Star Trek: The Next Generation NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser rifle is a motorized 1 shot blaster (internal 5-dart clip) that features light-up effects that simulate the look of being assimilated by the Borg in homage to the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact. It also features phaser sounds and authentic First Contact movie sounds. Seven foam Nerf Elite darts are included.

The set also comes with the Starfleet Type 2 Phaser, which fires 1 dart and has a pull-back priming handle. The set is available to pre-order here on Amazon and here here at Entertainment Earth (free US shipping using the code FALLFREE22) priced at $119.99.