The Office UNO Card Game Includes Kevin's Famous Chili Rule


The classic UNO card game from Mattel is getting a makeover that's based on NBC's iconic comedy series The Office! Indeed, you can avoid work like a true Dunder Mifflin employee by joining Michael, Jim, Pam, and Dwight in a version of UNO that highlights scenes from the show and includes Kevin's Famous Chili rule. Naturally, this involves dropping all of the cards that you worked so hard to prepare.

The Office version of UNO is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $5.99 with shipping slated for July. But that's not the only family-friendly bit of The Office merch you should have on your radar right now...

the office day at dunder mifflin elementary childrens book
(Photo: LBYR, NBCUniversal)

It appears that The Office has one more "episode" in the tank to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Apparently, the plot involves the entire cast going back to their days as children attending Dunder Mifflin Elementary. Yeah, it's going to be a weird one. So weird, in fact, that it's actually a children's book.

That's right - the next generation of The Office fans begins with the release of The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary on September 29th. Pre-orders for the book are live on Amazon for only $16.19 which is a discount of 10%. Note that you won't be charged until the book ships and you'll automatically get any additional discounts that occur during the pre-order period.

The official description for the book can be found below, and it seems like it will be just as fun for adult fans as it will be for kids:

"Filled with fan-favorite characters and hilarious references to the acclaimed TV show, this storybook is an age-appropriate way for fans of The Office to share their love with the whole family, just in time for the series' 15th anniversary!

Michael Scott is Line Leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary! It's a very big job, but Michael is sure he can live up to the "World's Best Line Leader" title printed on his water bottle. There's just one problem--Michael doesn't know how to lead the line. Filled with colorful, detailed illustrations and brimming with Easter eggs and nods to iconic moments from the show, this hilarious reimagining features a pint-sized cast."


The Office first debuted on NBC in 2005 and ran for nine seasons, ending its run in 2013 after 201 episodes. The series is currently available for streaming on Netflix where it has gained a whole new following of fans. The series will remain on Netflix through the end of 2020 and then, in 2021 will move to NBC Universal's upcoming Peacock streaming service. NBCU paid over $500 million in order to gain the streaming rights for the series.

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