The Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-ray Steps Up To The Plate

We now have all the details regarding The Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD [...]

We now have all the details regarding The Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD releases. First and foremost, the five disc set is available to pre-order now for nearly 50% off on Amazon in both Blu-ray and DVD formats, so you might want to jump on that right now to make sure you lock in that price ahead of its release on August 22nd (Amazon's pre-order price guarantee means that you'll get the lowest price from the day the set is ordered until the day it's released). Now, let's dive in to all of the details about the release starting with the trailer:

Picking up immediately after the thrilling cliff-hanger, Negan forces Rick and the group to fall under his will, brutally convincing them to live by his rules. To prevent further bloodshed, Rick genuinely believes they can make life under Negan, however terrible, work. But he soon learns that Negan can't be reasoned with, and they must prepare to go to war now. Victory will require more than Alexandria, and Rick will need to convince their new allies from the Kingdom and Hilltop to band together with the common goal of taking down Negan and his army.

The five-disc home entertainment release of "The Walking Dead" The Complete Seventh Season features hours of never-before-seen bonus features including audio commentaries, deleted and alternate scenes, and nine featurettes looking behind the scenes of the show, delving deeper into the characters and checking in with "The Walking Dead" writers.

Blu-ray / DVD Special Features:

• Audio Commentaries
• Deleted & Alternate Scenes
• "Inside The Walking Dead" Featurette
• "The Making of The Walking Dead" Featurette
• "In Memorium" Featurette
• "A Larger World" Featurette
• "Breaking & Rebuilding" Featurette
• "A New Chapter of Fear" Featurette
• "Top Walkers" Featurette
• "Warrior Women" Featurette
• "The Writers of The Walking Dead" Featurette

Season eight of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday October 22 on AMC.